Audio mixing is the process of taking individual instruments and/or vocal tracks, process and combine them in such a way, in order to create a nice sounding audio track. The process includes the use of volume, panning, EQ, and compression to allow each instrument to have its own place in the mix and at the same time contribute to the song as a whole. Effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, modulation etc., can also be used to make the final product more interesting.

Voodoo Project Studio offers a professional quality audio mixing service for just about every artist’s and band’s needs and budget. We can work on a wide variety of genres from folk to metal to get the closest possible to the sound you hear in your head.

If you choose to record with us too, the mixing process will start right after the recording phase. In case you have recorded or want to record your music in another studio we’ll be glad to mix it based on the “raw” tracks you will send us. An example of the files you may provide us with would be “9 WAV files (24-bit) for Kick, Snare, Overheads, Room, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals”. During the mixing process we will be in touch with you frequently, in order to make sure your music takes the form you desire.

After that, we can go on with the Mastering if you want to do that with us too or we can provide you with an un-mastered version of your song(s) so that your preferred Mastering Engineer can work on them.

So to sum up, we offer:

  • Everything regarding the mixing of the “raw” tracks (EQ, Compression, Effects, Automation etc.)
  • 2 x revisions to make sure the result is consistent to what you want your music to sound like
  • Unmastered file in 2 formats (24bit WAV, 320kbps mp3)
  • Extra revisions and/or editing services and/or other versions (i.e. instrumental etc.) are charged extra

Prices may vary based on the number of instruments/tracks involved in your song(s), the available time for the mixing to be ready and other factors which we will gladly discuss with you at any time. So don’t hesitate to contact us through our “Contact Page” and we can fix a price suitable for your needs.