Audio mastering is the process of taking a single stereo file or several stems (group of tracks) that have been previously mixed and putting the last polish before the release. The process includes the use of volume, corrective EQ, compression, limiting, dithering, stereo enhancers etc. in order to make the song/album sound as consistent as possible in as many different sound systems as possible and set the volume to a level similar with that of mainstream music.

When we have to do with EPs and full-length albums, it is also very important that each song fits with the rest of the album or EP, both sonically and volume-wise, as flow from song to song is very crucial to the listener.

If you are only interested in collaborating with us for mastering your song(s), it is very important that you are 100% happy with the mix you will provide us with. Although mastering can improve the sound and impact of a song to the listener, it is not a shortcut to fixing a messy mix or a mix not corresponding to your genre and musical taste. If needed, we can offer you some suggestions on what to change in the mix and thus maximize the potential outcome of our mastering service.

Here at Voodoo Project Studio we offer professional audio mastering services for pretty much any music genre. We make that possible by adjusting our approach according to your music and personal taste, avoiding superficial multi-purpose presets and looking further than just to provide a typical result.

To begin the process, you provide us with the best available quality stereo file (e.g. 24bit WAV) of the entire song(s) or multiple stems* and after mastering your music, we will send you a single stereo file for each mastered song.