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Studio Diary

Projects in progress!

Hello everybody! New post on my blog and this time I am writing about the projects I’m working on.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished mixing and mastering Op3’s upcoming EP ‘Lumina’ which is gonna be released sometime soon. An ambient EP with piano and a string quartet as the main instruments and electronic elements completing the atmospheric composition by Op3.

Other than that, I have been mixing a full-length album for another Greek band called Koupes (“Κούπες” in Greek), which is a heavy rock album with many influences from different subgroups of the rock genre.

And last but not least, I am starting production for my friend Panos Likokostas’ full-length album, a folk-rock project with acoustic and electric instruments. More info on that, soon!

Studio Diary

Let’s begin!

Hello everybody! I am starting this blog telling my stories from my everyday occupation with sound engineering at the home studio I’m building and at the live shows I participate in. So, let me introduce you to my story so far.

Since 2014, I have been using my bedroom in my house in Thessaloniki, Greece to record and mix any projects I had.

Fast forward to today, I have been living in Athens for 6 months now and setting up my new home studio, with a separate mixing room (powered by Acoustic Solutions Greece) and recording booth!

I’m working on various projects right now and March will be a very busy month, as I will have my first live show as Mask Of Prospero‘s sound engineer on 11 March at Temple Athens and some of my studio projects will be released! So, stay tuned for more blog posts and releases in the upcoming weeks!